Would you like a ‘good’ tenant?

Would you like a 'good' tenant?

Of course, all landlords will shout out “yes please”! But who do we really consider to be a good tenant?

Some landlords will say, one who pays the rent on time, another will say one who looks after my property, or one who does not complain about trivial issues, or have numerous non-essential maintenance requests.

But most will agree, ‘all of the above’ makes a good tenant.

In choosing a ‘good’ tenant, most agencies should have a set of rules or criteria to follow of what preferred tenants look like. This will firstly be based on the landlords’ preferences and then on criteria set by the agency. Do you know your agencies criteria?

According to research, the four most preferred qualities of a ‘good’ tenant are;

  1. Pays rent on time, all the time
  2. Looks after the property as if it is their own
  3. Does not complain about trivial issues and have numerous non-essential maintenance requests
  4. Perfect rental history

A tenant that pays rent on time, all the time and keeps the rent at least 1 week in advance gives the landlord peace of mind knowing that they will have a consistent income from this investment and that maintenance and bills can be paid from this income when necessary, keeping all income and expenses on one financial year end statement, making tax time a breeze.

A tenant that looks after the property as if it is their own, takes pride in the home they live in, regardless of the fact that the property belongs to someone else. They ensure regular general cleaning inside and out and plan for ‘spring cleaning’ regularly. They will present the property in a spotless condition for routine inspections as they understand that we will be sending the photos and report to the owner, and this will reflect on how they take care of the property. The photos and reports from these inspections help the landlords decide if they will renew the lease and how much of an increase in rent will be added based on how well they look after the property.

A tenant that does not complain about trivial issues or request numerous non-essential maintenance repairs understands that properties are always in need of maintenance and that there are some small maintenance needs that can be done by the tenants themselves, whether they are handy or not. Items such as a protruding nail from a fence paling, high pressure cleaning of paved areas and driveways, changing washers in taps, clearing blocked drains etc.

A tenant with a perfect rental history is one that has proven history of paying rent on time consistently, remaining in properties for long periods and can provide a good reference from current and previous property managers. When a property manager comments that a tenant is highly recommended because their experience with them has been a pleasure with no defaults and being very co-operative with all issues, we know that this would be a great tenant to have.

I am sure you would love a tenant that ticks all these boxes, and if you are wondering why you don’t have a tenant like this, then it may be time to make some changes.

With the current rental market being in very high demand, many good tenants are ready and waiting to rent your property. There’s never been a safer time to make a fresh start.


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