Warning!!! Storm Season Ahead

Warning!!! Storm Season Ahead

A recent report from Bureau of Meteorology  (BOM) warns of heavy and savage storm activity in South-East Queensland expected in the next few weeks.

As this storm season is starting early and promising to be severe, we want to remind everyone to be aware and be prepared.

As part of our proactive service to our landlords we highly recommend to have the gutters cleaned on their properties to prevent damage caused by overflowing gutters during this storm season.

With this in mind we have asked all our tenants to be prepared for the worst case scenarios in order to protect themselves, families and property.

Where possible, we have asked our tenants, to clean out gutters, downpipes and drains as well as clear their back yards of anything that could become a potential hazard and damage the property in strong winds.

Although some tenants will happily do this, we cannot rely on them, and some are just not able to clear out gutters.

We therefore recommend to organise a Gutter cleaning service as soon as possible to prevent any damage caused to your property due to blocked gutters or downpipes.

Get Ready Queensland provides information and tips to protect what’s most important to you


Prepare a household emergency plan– They provide an online form to help you plan for emergencies so that everyone in your household knows what to do when the worst happens

Pack emergency kit-prepare an emergency and evacuation kit in case you are not able to leave your home for an extended period

Make sure you are covered- Contact your insurer and go through the list of questions to ensure you are covered.

Queensland Government emergency services recommends to :

  • Check the condition of the roof and repair loose tiles, eaves and screws;
  • Clean gutters and downpipes so water can drain away as quickly as possible;
  • Trim trees and overhanging branches;
  • Secure loose items that could cause damage if blown around in high winds (such as garden furniture and toys).

Please be prepared and stay safe.

Get ready Queensland 3 Steps To Get Ready Booklet


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