Specific Buy Request

How to buy 'off market'

Do you know specifically what you want to buy, and where you’d like it to be?

We can help you find it, even if it's not yet available for sale.

The Process Explained

  1. Tell us exactly what you want by completing the form below.

  2. We get complete clarity and understanding on what your likes and dislikes are we will call or arrange a meeting.

  3. After 20 years in the local area we have tens of thousands of contacts, many of which are contemplating selling. These are the first people we contact.

  4. Next we compile a list of any other compatible properties and contact the owners.

  5. Of the properties found with owners willing to sell at a fair price we arrange viewings for you.


No. If you find a property elsewhere that you prefer, buy it.

No. As agents we can only work for one party at a time, so there’s no extra charges.

We will show you what we find and if you don’t love it, we will keep looking for as long as it takes.

Some might but let’s find a property you love so much that you buy it with your heart first and your wallet second. If we can’t make it work financially then we just keep looking.


The key to having an agent successfully help you find the right house is to be incredibly clear and specific.

Answer the questions below and we’ll get to work …