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A Successful Sale, faster.

Let’s walk through the process of selling your property


Have you ever been on a team where things just flowed? When people value the same things, they act together in rapport and, things just seem to go smoothly. Imagine, if you could have an agent on your side that wanted the same things you wanted.

First, we have to know what we want. So ask yourself, “In the context of working with an agent to get a successful sale, faster, what’s important to me? What else? What else?”

Write a shortlist of at least three or more important elements. Now, of the items on this list, which is the most important? And of the remaining items which is most important?

Once you have re written your list in the order of true importance, we know what to observe about the agent outside of all the words they use.

**Struggling? Try this mental relaxation technique. Sit down, look slightly upward and allow the awareness of your whole surroundings to come into view. Breathe in deeply and exhale as slowly as you possibly can. Do this two or three times. Think of the process of selling, and all that’s involved, how would you like it to be? What’s most important to you?


The top performer & the hungry chaser. Salespeople are incentive driven and we need them to be great at negotiating on our behalf and be willing to turn up with their ‘A game’ when it counts most.

For you, does it make more sense to shortlist the three highest selling agents in your area or the agents that you already know, the ones that keep chasing you with the calls & door knocks?

Great … short list at least 3 of those agents. Make the list. Give them a call and invite them over.

There’s a section on for finding agents and how many properties they sell in each suburb.

Which agent has called you most over the years?


The way they answer the phone. The shift, or not, in voice tone when they realise, you’re selling. Did they call you back, did they confirm, did they show up on time?

Are they polite, scattered, rushed, busy excusing themselves for answering their mobile phones? Is their focus on themselves and how good they are, or on you?

Did they overstay their welcome, did you enjoy their company, do you trust them? If you feel comfortable with them, then maybe the right buyer will too.


The best sale is when the buyer doesn’t even know they’ve been sold. And it’s usually because the salesperson didn’t ‘sell’ at all. They helped the customer buy. People want to buy things all the time, but no one likes to be pressured or ‘sold’ to.

Great salespeople, like experts in any profession, have similar behaviours.

  • Enthusiasm
  • Positive world view
  • They focus on the people they’re with
  • Their actions speak louder than their words
  • They do it … now. Urgency is key.
  • They desire to be worthwhile
  • They want to impress you
  • They want to achieve
  • Ambitious
  • They’re likeable


The first part is easy, take your time and ask; Is this agent the right fit for us? Do they make sense, does it feel like the right decision, can we see them making the sale?

Even with this extra insight It’s still possible to get it wrong.

I’ve seen it many times but I’ve only ever heard one slippery sales guy boast, “Sales is the art of faking sincerity.” This is the worst evolution of a salesperson. Not just because of the lack of integrity but because it’s so hard to pick before you sign on the dotted line.

Whether its five minutes after signing or five months, if it comes to you, ignore the feeling of sunk cost syndrome. Just fire them, instantly. The very best time to fire your agent is the very first time it crosses your mind. Read Malcolm Gladwell’s book ‘Blink’. We intuitively know what has to be done even before we consciously have enough evidence to justify it.

Trust your gut. If its time to go, it’s time to go.


Great agents love to achieve, they love to perform. They back themselves 100%. So, if they really are ‘all that’ they wont mind if you retain control by requesting a cancellation clause in the Listing Agreement.

“We’d like to be able to cancel anytime. Can we add that to the agreement please?”

You’re looking for a confident reply, “Yes.” Not some sort of ‘I’ll wiggle out of this somehow’ rhetoric about how every agreement can be cancelled with 30 days’ notice, blah, blah.

No. Cancel anytime means … any time.

What else would you like? What else do you expect from the very best agent?

You’ll notice I haven’t focussed much on the price the agent estimates or the fees they quote. These are important aspects to the sale, but you’ll end up with more money in your pocket and a successful sale, faster even with the wrong price and the wrong fee so long as you have the right agent.

One Marketing Package … the BEST!

Two options to fund it …

1.  Free Till Sold

We commit up to $4,875.00 of our money to marketing your property using the methods above. If you choose not to sell, there’s no charge. That’s right … No Sale, No charge.

2. Cheaper Upfront

You’re committed and confident in selling quickly and you want the best quality marketing at the cheapest discounted price…
Paying upfront will get you all the best services above, right now for one low price.


Why is marketing so expensive? Why is there no guarantee of result?

Marketing is an umbrella term used to encompass all possible ways an agent could find a buyer. In that sentence lies the problem. Agents don’t know where the buyers are coming from, so they don’t know where is best to advertise.

Shouldn’t agents already be in touch with buyers?       … YES!

One method is direct marketing, aimed at those that have already contacted you. This should definitely be the first port of call as it’s the cheapest.

Let’s look at what is involved with a high quality marketing campaign …


At Harts, when we list a property for sale, we utilise the first week the ‘set-up to sell’ week where we are often waiting on ad copy, photos to be edited and signage to arrive to engage with existing buyers in three ways;

1. Our Buyer database – receive Pre-Launch Invitations to view by email, sms & personal call.

2. Listing Loop – Buyers from around the country who’ve been previously invited by any agent from any brand or franchise to register for ‘Off Market’ properties via the Listing Loop platform are alerted and invited to inspect.

3. Social Media – the pre-launch inspection opportunity is uploaded and shared amongst all of our followers as well as via paid distribution.


Real Estate Website Portals

The biggest ad size on the most popular portal.

Plus Six More Top Tier Portals

Social Media Advertising

Professional Photos

The most common complaint from buyers is photos that make the home look bigger and better than it really is. This results in disappointed buyers upon arrival. Not a good plan.

We instruct our photographer to capture the true essence of the home with the least editing and or wide-angle shots that distort sizing.

Aerial Photography

These are often useful for showing a bird’s eye view in relation to local landmarks or visual outlooks like water, golf or proximity to beach, etc.

Virtual Inspections

Particularly useful for inter-state buyers that are unable to immediately view the property. These are 360-degree photos that are stitched together to form a seamless experience of what would be seen at each room or observation point in the house.


Another great tool to provide a real world view as the camera pans the room.


Brochure & Floor Plans


We recommend a mix of both Opens and Private appointments, customised to suit the schedule of both you as the seller and, importantly, the easiest available access to hot buyers ready to buy now.

A basic tenet of sales is … make it easy to buy!

Setting the correct asking price is vital.

There are many facets that effect pricing, some of which can be pre-determined, others are explored as they occur. We look at them from the perspectives from which they come.

The property in itself is one main aspect in terms of the functional basics of what it represents. Being a unit, duplex, house, etc. Its standard of presentation and quality. The condition it’s been maintained in and whether the compliance with safety and building codes is current.

The land component always has a strong influence as does the impact of any wow factor or aspects that will increase emotional involvement of the buyer.

A comparison to the build cost of an equivalent new home can be relevant as can the rental return. Even though its more crucial to investors, many occupiers use rules of thumb to help guide their offers.

Lastly, but definitely not least is access. It’s rare for buyers to buy completely sight unseen. They will need access to inspect the property in most instances. Delays to access can mean losing hot buyers that are emotional and impulsive, reflecting in the price outcome.

All this plus input from the perspective of the general market, the agent, you the seller and of course the buyer themselves all play a factor and therefore should be seriously considered before setting the asking price.

Pricing Perspective

Private Treaty Vs Public Auction

What’s more important to you;

  1. Time or price?
  2. Public exposure or one on one privacy?


Auctions can guarantee the highest price within a set time frame but not the highest price from the specific buyer. Sometimes still a very high price but the under bidder is the only person forced to their max. It can be argued that if the winning bidder would’ve paid more if someone had asked, but auctions stop when the under bidder stops.


  • Upside price potential
  • Known time frames
  • Public success


  • Pricing confusion – buyers
  • What if the best buyer arrives post-auction?
  • Possibility of public failure if not sold at auction

Optimum Result

Highest price on the day.


Private Treaty.

Private treaty is the opposite. It cannot guarantee a time frame; it could be sold, day one or on day one hundred and sixty-one. We don’t know when the right buyer will appear, when handled correctly though, private negotiations will achieve the highest price from the buyer.

In a private setting we can maximise the price outcome by using strategies directly related to the different Pricing Perspectives below. Ask your consultant for details on each specific strategy.


  • Buyer clarity
  • Flexible timing of price & marketing changes
  • Can be sold on day 1 or any day of campaign


  • Buyers outside the price range may not enquire
  • It’s possible to stay too high for too long – no urgency.
  • sold subject to conditions like finance & building inspections.

Optimal Result

Highest price from that individual buyer


After The Signatures

Once the price is agreed, and the contract of sale is signed many things need to happen.

If the property was sold by auction, then it will be an unconditional sale meaning the deal is all but guaranteed to complete on the agreed settlement day and you’ll have till then to pack.

If not, then the buyer will have 5 business days to consider their decision to buy during the cooling off period. If they opt out, then the full deposit is refundable less the statutory fee of 0.25% of the purchase price. ($1,750 on $700,000 sale) The sellers can choose to waive this fee for the buyer if they wish.

Its wise for buyers to obtain independent advice on the structure of the asset they’re buying, and most contracts are subject to a satisfactory building and pest report. This is normally carried out within the first 10 days from when the contract was signed.

If there are unknown issues affecting the structure of the dwelling the buyer has three options;

  1. Cancel the contract and receive a full deposit refund.
  2. Request that the sellers arrange professional repairs prior to settlement
  3. Re-negotiate the purchase price based on the new information (quotes)

True cash buyers are very rare these days. Most buyers will need an opportunity for their bank to approve finance for the deal. If they are pre-approved in writing this could happen in as little as 7 days from date of contract. Otherwise its common to see 14- or 21-day finance clauses.

There are numerous possibilities of other clauses that could require fulfillment however these three; cooling off, building and pest, and finance are by far the most common.


This terminology means there’s no other conditions of the contract required for the buyer or seller to fulfil and we are simply allowing time for the solicitors to complete the searches and preparation for settlement.

  • Its time to start packing!
  • Confirm a destination to move to … whether it be renting or buying.
  • Gather up all the spare sets of keys from friends and family.
    Collect any known handover information like instruction booklets or appliance warranties.
  • Explain the details of any unique operational intricacies to the agent or the buyer


The week before settlement the solicitors will be able to advise what time of the day settlement is booked to take place. As the seller, you will need to ensure anything fixed to the property (fixtures) remains and every movable item, unless noted on the contract, is removed from the property by this time.

Allow time for the home to be cleaned. While its rarely part of the contractual obligations its appreciated when the home is handed over after a thorough clean. Most detailed bond cleans are less than a thousand dollars and save a lot of time.

The agent will need one final set of keys to hand over to the buyer after the solicitors have notified us that settlement has occurred. We will take care of this process for you so you’re free to focus on where you’re going.

Our Agency is responsible for distributing the balance of any deposit held in our trust account after settlement. The solicitors will distribute the remaining bulk of the funds as you direct, whether it be toward paying out existing mortgages or directly to your bank account. And with the advent of Pexa, electronic based settlements, funds are normally transferred same day.

What Is Your Home Worth Today?

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Property Sale Time Line

Prepare Property
Meet The Agent
Photo Shoot & Marketing Prep
Quiet Sale Opportunity
Public Marketing Launch
Buyer Enquiries
Buyer Inspections
Offers & Negotiations
Under Contract
Cooling Off Period
Building, Pest & Finance Approvals
Contract Becomes Unconditional
Pack The House
Pre-Settlement Inspection
Settlement & Handover

Rather Disappear Quietly?

Well, its possible . . .

Our Value proposition

It's unwise to pay too much, but it's worse to pay too little . . . The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot - it can't be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better.

John Ruskin - English author, poet, artist, and social critic. (1819 - 1900)

Our standard fee is 3% of the sale price + GST

Subject to client satisfaction
Our fees remain 100% negotiable till time of sale. 

Property sales is an incentive driven business … inspire us to work even harder for you.
The more you get, the more we get.

With our guarantees, there’s nothing to lose, and everything to gain.
Put us to the test, risk-free, and see how what we can do.

There must always be two parts to any genuine guarantee;

1. The Promise.
2. The Penalty.


We promise to get the highest price for your property.
And If certainty is needed on the day, we will prove the buyer has paid the highest price.

If not, the seller can choose how much we get paid.


We promise a sale price so good it makes our fees look cheap.

If not, our fee remains 100% negotiable till sold.


Typical listing agreements require you to ‘Lock-In’ to the agent for 90 days.
We are so confident in our service that we have added a “Cancel Any Time” clause.

We promise quick, courteous service remaining loyal to the seller at all times.

If you’re not happy and we can’t fix it, you can cancel anytime.

Chris HealyChris Healy
22:35 23 Jun 22
Harts and Angelique did a fantastic job managing our property. Organised, thorough and responsive. Highly recommended.
Chrissy DouChrissy Dou
08:55 01 Dec 21
I have recently bought a house in Clear Island Waters, Jim was the seller’s agent. Jim is very helpful during the negotiation, he is always responding effectively and timely. He has attended the property a few times to assist me completing the transfer. I am very happy with my purchase experience. Thank you Jim!
Sanjay AgarwalSanjay Agarwal
21:11 21 Oct 21
Jimmy ..what a nice person to work with..
05:54 30 Sep 21
We have known Jim for about 20 years. He has handled all our previous investment property sales in that time. We had no hesitation in asking him to look after the sale of our house. Although his agency is not as big or well known as some of the bigger players in this space, this is more than made up by his market knowledge and professionalism. He listened to what we wanted and formulated a strategy to suit both our needs and the needs of any potential buyers. He achieved a great price for us in a short time. I would recommend Jim to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a property. Five stars all the way!!
Kimm anthonyKimm anthony
21:11 29 Sep 21
We went with Hart's for our rental property and Angilique was one of the most professional, prompt and all around great with dealing with the property. Couldn't of asked for a better person doing everything. Thanks again and reccommend her 110% 🙂.
Joe WongJoe Wong
09:52 13 Sep 21
Jim is super responsive and professional. As a sales professional myself, I certainly appreciate a pro who can just get $hit done. Sold in 4 days, what more can I say?
David CoxDavid Cox
03:23 13 Aug 21
Jim had to work hard for this sale, with a potential buyer pulling out. Jim talked with him and the person ended up buying!At all times through this drawn out process Jim kept us informed with regular phone calls and also gave us options but left it to us to decide. I can highly recommend Jim and his team.
A Google User
A Google User
23:44 20 May 20
Thanks Jim for managing the quick and painless sale of our property. We were expecting a difficult process given the COVID situation but you managed to attract multiple viewings from day one and a contract within the first week. Your communication was clear and we are particularly appreciative of your advice which clearly put our interest ahead of yours. We will have no hesitation in recommending your services to others
A Google User
A Google User
16:36 10 Apr 20
A real pleasure to deal with Harts Property.I can only strongly recommend their services.
A Google User
A Google User
00:01 10 Jun 18
Angelique manages one of our investment properties. If she was able to manage properties in other cities, we would have her manage them all. Angelique has the unique ability to sum up exactly what we need to know and keeps us fully informed and free of stress at all times. Highly recommended
A Google User
A Google User
06:20 07 Jun 18
I cannot speak highly enough of Hart's who manage my rental property. Angelique who has been with the firm now for 1 year as the Rental Manager has been outstanding. Nothing is too much trouble and once she understands your expectations about managing your property, she treats it as if it was her own and constantly anticipates your requirements. I have high expectations as an owner that my property will be well looked after and I have full confidence in Angelique to meet and at times exceed my expectations. Backed by Jim Hart, who is also very attentive to client needs, the service I receive is wonderful. Keep up the great work Angelique and Jim; you are a great team and thank you for what you do for me. Greatly appreciated.
A Google User
A Google User
22:33 11 Apr 18
I can highly recommend Harts Real Estate (in Robina) for their excellent and professional service. I have recently purchased a unit from them and Jim Hart made the whole sale process run smoothly. He kept me up to date throughout and even after settlement offered me advice and guidance.

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