Routine Inspections

When We Will Inspect

We inspect every 3 months. You will receive a notification email well in advance of an entry date. Due to time restraints and schedules, it is difficult to rearrange the allocated time, however, in extreme circumstances, contact our office, to request a change of entry.

What Tenants Need To Do

You are welcome to attend the inspection, but it is not necessary as we use our agency keys to access the property and secure the property on our departure.

Tenants to complete:

The table below lists areas checked to identify repairs and maintenance. If you are aware of any problem with any area listed, please indicate by ticking the box beside the applicable area and leave this form on the kitchen bench or table on the inspection date for our attention.

If you have a dogplease ensure dogs are restrained or removed from the Property for the inspection to provide our staff with easy and safe access to all areas.

If the Property has an alarm system and the code has been changedif the code provided at the beginning of the tenancy has been altered, please notify our office with the new code details.

Feedback Report

Our staff will leave a note in the property with feedback and requests for your attention, if required.

If you have any queries, please contact us via email or phone.