A Quiet Sale

How to sell 'off market'

If a buyer paid a price today that enabled you to move where you want to go.

If there was no fuss, no bother, just a contract to sign.

Would you want to move?

The Process Explained

  1. Tell us your situation by completing the form below.

  2. We will call or email to arrange a meeting so we know what we are selling.

  3. We cross-match buyers from our database to the type, style & benefits of your property.

  4. Next we connect with our referral network of agents with buyers.

  5. We arrange inspections of the property with qualified buyers.


No. Selling is always your choice and this concept works best when you’re ready but not in a hurry

No. Our job remains the same, get you a successful sale faster, so our fees remain the same. Its really only the way we source the buyers that changes.

Then don’t sell. We recommend looking at the whole picture though. Sometimes the terms & timing count just as much as the sale price. Other times if we can find you a good buy on the other end then the changeover price is just as good or better.

We can help. Whether it be a rental or place to buy we have the resources to find you what you need.


The key to having an agent successfully help you sell faster is to work together as a team.

Answer the questions below and we’ll get to work …