Property Professional

Become a professional agent

Employment Guaranteed

Our Professional Agent course is the only real estate training in the world to offer an employment guarantee.

We promise when you complete this course with a high distinction or better, you’ll receive a job offer with full salary and incentive bonus structure to earn a six-figure income in your first year.

And if not, we will refund 100% of the course cost.

The Road Less Travelled

This course is designed as if Tony Robbins took over ‘Hell Week’ at Navy Seal training. It’s not made to break you; it’s made to elicit the best of who you already are, add new skills and direct you towards a high-performance career as a real estate athlete.

Nine Modules of real estate specific education delivered using advanced experiential learning techniques.

Too Many Mind

6 Tools of Personal Change

Ice to Eskimos

7 Elements of Selling

Getting Out There

How to Find Listings

Where Do I Sign?

Presenting to Clients

Its Showtime!

Buyer Inspection Methods

Everything’s Negotiable

The Art of Deal Making

Contract Law

Getting it in Writing


Keeping it Together

Future Proofing

Settlement and Beyond

Classroom Education

Beginning even before you arrive, you will have heard the basics using the audio provided and made ‘notes’ that are reviewed with you upon arrival.

Entry is only reserved for those who come prepared.

If it is not yet your time, we will issue a credit to a future course.

Be inspired and involved as we uncover and unpack the details, concepts, language patterns, actions, instructions and creative processes needed in a long-term real estate career.

Breakout Training

Information without application is meaningless. We embed your new learnings immediately within private groups of two or three people. You will draw upon your new knowledge, make it yours and allow it to flow out of you as its needed.                

Then we advance to public use of your new skills in the real world.

Yes! You will be achieving real results, in the real world, with real clients during this course.

Fear not! Our in-house pre-training ensures you have sufficient knowledge before letting you lose on the street of the Gold Coast.

Personal Coaching

Improvement happens when we decide we ought to change actions for a better outcome.

Our coaching helps you do exactly that. The purpose of a coach is to bring awareness to that which you cannot see. Facilitating the types of change that cannot be done alone.


There are common elements amongst all high performing property agents. Let’s find the ingredients to add to your success.

It’s important not to change, unless change is needed.

Desire for improvement comes first. Once established, we find the root cause of the current behaviour, identify the actions required for the desired outcome, make a choice and if appropriate, install new beliefs, patterns or strategies to guide you towards success.


This course provides certification as a Property School trained Professional Agent

Cost / Scholarships

The cost of education pales in comparison to the cost of lost business. Not knowing what you don’t yet know, the slow speed of natural evolution and missing extra opportunities you weren’t even aware of cost you something more valuable than money.

We can always earn more money, but we can’t get more time.

Malcolm Gladwell says;

“There can be as much value in the blink of an eye as in months of rational analysis. . . Extra information is more than useless. It’s harmful. It confuses the issues.

Become a professional agent


Course Dates


New dates coming soon


Gold Coast


We welcome you! Our mission is to improve the industry at large

Yes, these skills are transferable to any area and provide the reputation of being a Harts trained agent. It is not a substitute for registration/license training but a detailed extension of it

No. However some of the field training components can only be completed by holders of a current sales registration certificate. (Qld)

 The employment guarantee is applicable to graduates with a high distinction or better which requires successful completion of the field training

Yes. If by the end of day two you feel its not great value return your materials for a full refund

You’ll receive a credit to attend the days you missed at another event.
Certification will be provided upon successful completion of the full course.


The venue for each course is announced when the dates are confirmed.

Wait till the next event or commit to being great now, do what it takes to improve your life.

Become a professional agent