how we manage

In short, it’s our Partnership Mindset.

Are you a landlord that just wants your property manager to;

 … do the job, without missing things?

… find and keep the best tenants, while remaining loyal to you?

… tell you whats going on?

Our aim is to improve your life as an investor through better quality property management.

To do this we had to find a different structure to the rest of the industry. You see when we first started the sales business, we looked at opening a rental business too but all the examples we could find had unhappy clients who were leaving them. Burn and churn is just not our style, so we held off. We had to find a better business model that addressed the cause of the industry problems. If we could identify the main issues then we knew we could resolve them.

After doing quite a bit of research it turns out that Landlords leave their Agents over either;

  • communication issues or
  • constant changeover of property managers.

We had a choice, either we could say we’re different or we could delve deeper to the underlying root of the problems, fix them and actually be different.

Property management is a volume based business. The business needs each manager looking after a certain number of properties to be profitable. So typical agents pay base wages to young, cheap to hire, staff and then load them with as many properties as possible to increase profits. We call this the Camel System. The outcome is burnout for the managers when the camel’s back breaks. Along the way they end up doing half of what should be done and within a year or two they either leave the industry or change agencies hoping the grass is greener.

Harts Property has created an entirely new business model, one that puts the clients first. We found that most owners want property managers that look after the properties well and stay for a long time. And they want exceptional client care so they don’t have to keep changing agencies. We’ve also found that most investors sell their properties at some stage and find it easier to use the same company if they’ve already been looked after.

To help reward Property Managers for excellent work and retain them even longer, instead of the typical camel system, we use a unique profit share program.

Profit share with Property Managers means they take ownership and have a reason to do well and look after the properties and their owners. They get to have a say in how many properties they can handle while still providing ‘A’ class service. It also means they are some of the best-rewarded managers around.

So internally our success revolves around accountability and partnership. This, mixed with our promise of a better net return meaning more money in your pocket, has worked incredibly well to improve people’s lives through real estate.

Management with harts

How we do the job … without missing things

Systemised & Regular Meticulous Inspections

  • Every Routine Inspection is carried out the same way, every time
  • From the Street Curb to the back-fence boundary line
  • Each room, Each Wall, Each surface, no detail too small

Holding Tenants & Tradies Accountable

  • An upfront OCD disclaimer
  • Immediate feedback
  • Appreciate & Reward good work

Evidence Based Solutions

  • Detailed quotes, invoices & photos
  • Tenant Satisfaction
  • Onsite Inspections

How we find and keep the best tenants … while remaining loyal to our landlords

DIRECT DEBIT is better than EFT

  • Ezi-Debit
  • Cheque ($10 fee)
  • Direct Pay Deduction

The Secret To Choosing The Best Tenants

A Personal Phone Call

  • Blacklist Check
  • Reference Check
  • Speak with the Previous Property Manager

How to Keep The Best Tenants


  • Ask What’s Important To Them
  • Renewal Offer Process
  • Appreciation Messages

How we tell you what’s going on

When We Keep You Informed

  1. Before . . . 2. During . . . 3. After . . .

Your Advantage In Us Remaining An Independent Agency
Easy After Hours Availability

2 Types Of Landlords & Our Solutions

1.  High Tech Preference

24 Hour Online Access Portal

  • Ownership Ledger
  • Reports & Statements
  • Rent History
  • Maintenance Requests
  • Messaging

2. Low Tech Preference

Easy Human Access

  • After Hours Phone Availability
  • Contact Preferences – Email, Phone, SMS • Quick Response
  • Good News Updates
  • Face To Face Meetings

How Much Rent Can You Get?

Simply enter your investment property address to get started 

Management Time Line

Prepare Property
Meet The Agent
Photo Shoot & Marketing Prep
Launch Marketing
Reference Checks
Lease Signing
Routine Inspections
Property Maintenance
Consistent Rental Income
Capital Growth

Our Value Proposition

What We Say, Is What We Do

We Will Inspect Your Property Every 90 Days 
and provide a detailed report clearly stating all issues and highlighting the important ones so you know exactly what’s going on.

We Will Report Every Known Maintenance Issue 
With an estimated cost and the opportunity to repair now, next month or add it to a suggested items list.

We Hold Tenants Accountable To Their Agreements

In the event of a tenant failing to comply with the lease terms we will discuss with tenants immediately and issue breach notices on the specific days outlined by the rta to protect your position as landlord.

90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE . . . ongoing forever

Peace Of Mind

  • if we miss a quarterly inspection … 90 Days Free Mgmt Fees!
  • if we don’t report a maintenance issue … 90 Days Free Mgmt Fees!
  • if we miss a deadline to breach a tenant … 90 Days Free Mgmt Fees!


Get More Than What You Pay For … You Deserve It

  • No More ‘Admin’ Fees
  • No More Financial Statement Fees
  • No More Postage & Petties Fees


Yes, You Will Need To Pay For:

  • Repairs To Your Property
  • Advertising Your Property
  • Unusual Events At Your Property

Third party expenses are never marked up or have any fees or margins added, they are always passed on at cost.

What You Get …

A mature minded & experienced, local manager with a partnership mindset who;

  • Gets the job done … without missing things.
  • Finds and keeps the best tenants … while remaining loyal to you.
  • Tells you what’s going on.

5 Levels of Service

Find Me A Tenant          One Weeks Rent + GST

Manage My Maintenance        $88 / hour

Manage My Property        7.5% + GST

Multiple Property Discount        6.5% + GST

VIP – 100% Done For You        9% + GST

For more information on each Service Option click a link above, or to view our full rate card click here.


Trusted by . . .

Chrissy DouChrissy Dou
08:55 01 Dec 21
I have recently bought a house in Clear Island Waters, Jim was the seller’s agent. Jim is very helpful during the negotiation, he is always responding effectively and timely. He has attended the property a few times to assist me completing the transfer. I am very happy with my purchase experience. Thank you Jim!
Sanjay AgarwalSanjay Agarwal
21:11 21 Oct 21
Jimmy ..what a nice person to work with..
05:54 30 Sep 21
We have known Jim for about 20 years. He has handled all our previous investment property sales in that time. We had no hesitation in asking him to look after the sale of our house. Although his agency is not as big or well known as some of the bigger players in this space, this is more than made up by his market knowledge and professionalism. He listened to what we wanted and formulated a strategy to suit both our needs and the needs of any potential buyers. He achieved a great price for us in a short time. I would recommend Jim to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a property. Five stars all the way!!
Kimm anthonyKimm anthony
21:11 29 Sep 21
We went with Hart's for our rental property and Angilique was one of the most professional, prompt and all around great with dealing with the property. Couldn't of asked for a better person doing everything. Thanks again and reccommend her 110% 🙂.
Joe WongJoe Wong
09:52 13 Sep 21
Jim is super responsive and professional. As a sales professional myself, I certainly appreciate a pro who can just get $hit done. Sold in 4 days, what more can I say?
A Google User
A Google User
23:44 20 May 20
Thanks Jim for managing the quick and painless sale of our property. We were expecting a difficult process given the COVID situation but you managed to attract multiple viewings from day one and a contract within the first week. Your communication was clear and we are particularly appreciative of your advice which clearly put our interest ahead of yours. We will have no hesitation in recommending your services to others
A Google User
A Google User
16:36 10 Apr 20
A real pleasure to deal with Harts Property.I can only strongly recommend their services.
A Google User
A Google User
00:01 10 Jun 18
Angelique manages one of our investment properties. If she was able to manage properties in other cities, we would have her manage them all. Angelique has the unique ability to sum up exactly what we need to know and keeps us fully informed and free of stress at all times. Highly recommended
A Google User
A Google User
06:20 07 Jun 18
I cannot speak highly enough of Hart's who manage my rental property. Angelique who has been with the firm now for 1 year as the Rental Manager has been outstanding. Nothing is too much trouble and once she understands your expectations about managing your property, she treats it as if it was her own and constantly anticipates your requirements. I have high expectations as an owner that my property will be well looked after and I have full confidence in Angelique to meet and at times exceed my expectations. Backed by Jim Hart, who is also very attentive to client needs, the service I receive is wonderful. Keep up the great work Angelique and Jim; you are a great team and thank you for what you do for me. Greatly appreciated.
A Google User
A Google User
22:33 11 Apr 18
I can highly recommend Harts Real Estate (in Robina) for their excellent and professional service. I have recently purchased a unit from them and Jim Hart made the whole sale process run smoothly. He kept me up to date throughout and even after settlement offered me advice and guidance.

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