Holding Tenants To High Standards

Holding Tenants to high standards

Not a major disaster, but even with like Eric’s properties for instance, where I had a vacate the other day of the tenants that I put in there and even though Eric managed that, I didn’t manage it.

I sort of set the same sort of expectations with it at the outset and I say to you now when it comes to exit, I’ll be doing it. And I’m very strict even though it’s an old property or know the difference between dirt and wear and tear.

And then yet when I got to the exit inspection, even though the property was fairly well cleaned because she did the bond clean herself there was like a layer of dust on the vanity. The toilet wasn’t perfect, the shower wasn’t perfect. And so, and she was there while I did the exit. And then at first she sort of, you know, when I said, well, this was not right, she would wipe it off on that.

But then the day before the wind was blowing a lot and the windows were left open. So she said, oh, that just flew in from the wind. That sort of thing. I said, well unfortunately I wasn’t here yesterday when you cleaned it, but I’m here now and theres dust now so I can’t tick it off if it’s got dust on it.

And she was getting really cranky with me. And then look at first and she was like huffing and puffing and moaning and groaning and, but then at the end when she’s done all that and then now say I can now happy with everything, then she was all friendly again.

So even that she was sort of huffing and puffing and not happy about it. She knew that that was the expectation I set and this is what I want. And I wasn’t backing down either. I said this is what it’s got to be and I’m sorry, I can’t tick it off if it’s not done.

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Angilique speaking about how to hold tenants to high standards