Glen’s Review

Glen's Review

I had previous dealings with an agent. I wasn’t happy with biggest thing was poor communication. Not following through requests, not contacting us, us when there are any issues. So yeah, a lot of, uh, we felt like we need more work than they agent was.

So I contacted Hart’s after recommendation, we advertise a property at offers above $420,000, and the property sold for $445,000 which we’re very happy with.

So we achieved our goal. We actually a little bit over what we expected after the commissions came out. They property sold for more than what the agent quoted me. I felt that Jim was being cautious. Um, and I appreciate the way he was. He was no nonsense and mucking around very cautious about the price that he gave us. However, I did say he would, uh, achieve the best he could, which he exceeded your expectations there.

I was just happy to pay the extra commission that, uh, just down to the service that we’ve provided, Jim really came, came through and he gave us a lot more than what we expected to do with it, with the sales. And we’re very happy with paying a little extra.

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Glen Davidson reviews harts property on the gold coast