Gardening - clean up and tidy up

First impressions can make all the difference when advertising your property for rent and a well-maintained garden will help to attract quality tenants.

It is therefore important to ensure that everything on the premises presents well as this will also be recorded on the entry condition report.

This article is part of a series outlining the most important facets of preparing your investment property.

The 9 most important steps are:

  1. Arrange A Bond Clean by A Professional
  2. Water Compliance
  3. Smoke Alarm Compliance
  4. Pool Safety Compliance
  5. General Maintenance and Repairs
  6. Gardening – Clean Up and Tidy Up
  7. Landlord Insurance
  8. Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control
  9. Have Photos Taken

In this issue we cover: Gardening – Clean Up and Tidy Up

As a property manager I ensure the tenants understand from the start of the tenancy that they are responsible for yard work and garden maintenance (mowing, hedging, edging, and weeding), during the tenancy and if it was in pristine condition on entry, it has to be handed back in the same condition. If the tenants are unable to take care of this themselves, we have local, experienced gardeners who can assist them.

Important items to take care of prior to advertising:

  • Lawn mowing/edges
  • Leaf raking and removal
  • Weeding of the garden beds
  • Removal of garden waste and any old debris
  • Rubbish removal
  • General tidying of garden beds
  • Pruning and trimming of trees
  • Hedging
  • Mulching where required

Hedges and trees

There is no specific legislation about the trimming of hedges and trees, and even though the tenant can’t be expected to purchase specialist equipment for gardening or have the knowledge to trim it correctly by law, we ensure they understand that everything up to shoulder height is the responsibility of the tenant to maintain and everything higher is the owner’s responsibility. We expect the tenant to clear away small, manageable branches in a timely manner.

However, if the tenant allows a hedge to grow above shoulder height and did not maintain it at the same height as at the start of the tenancy, we will hold them responsible to have it trimmed down.

To protect our landlords and ensure the gardens are maintained well, we stipulate clearly in all our rental agreements that garden maintenance must be carried out every fortnight in summer and monthly during winter months, and once signed becomes part of the agreement.

If the gardens are presented in pristine condition at the start of the tenancy, then we can ensure the tenants maintain it in the same way and return it in the same pristine condition at the end of tenancy.

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