Enjoy Downsizing.

We make it easy to sell your property.

No Upfront Costs

Pay us when we sell it

Stress free sale

Lets keep it simple

More money in pocket

Using win / win negotiation

"You love your house, but ...

… there’s just too much to maintain – it’s exhausting.”

… we can’t afford to retire and it’s scary.”

… it’s frustrating when all of our money is tied up in the house.”

… the kids have moved out and it feels empty without them.”

… we still feel young and want to travel.”

… paying bills for things we don’t use, like the pool, just feels draining.”

… it’s time to move closer to the kids – it’ll be nicer to have family close.”

we get it

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Whether it’s buying or selling …

Home is where the hart is

We believe you deserve to be in love with where you live.

Hi, I’m Jim Hart …

We Make it Easy to Downsize

Best part is, it doesn’t cost a penny to get started.

3 Simple Steps To Sell Your Property

How it works is that instead of … worrying, and wasting money on all the wrong things, when we meet at the appraisal, I show you the simplest ways to make downsizing easy.

Step 1

Book An Appraisal

Step 2

Buyers Inspect property

Step 3

Agree on a sale

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A Stress Free Sale ... Cancel Anytime

If you’re not happy, and we can’t fix it, you can cancel anytime.

Trust the process, action the suggestions and be sold with ease.

7 Days Till 7 PM

Simple Easy Steps

Unsure if You're Ready?

Download the Scorecard

Wondering if selling your home is right for you? Assess your sale readiness using the Sale Scorecard. 

Why Meet Now?

BEFORE WE MEET you might not be confident of what your property is worth.
AFTER WE MEET you’ll have evidence of exactly how much money buyers will offer you.

BEFORE WE MEET you might feel uncertain about how your property looks or what needs repair Vs renovation and how to do that without over-capitalising.
AFTER WE MEET you will know the two areas of the property to focus on. These two areas generate 80% of the emotional engagement from buyers.

BEFORE WE MEET its normal to feel overwhelmed by the thought of moving house and think, “what if I become homeless?!!”
AFTER WE MEET you will feel relieved. All of a sudden the weight will lift, things will flow and everything will feel easy, the way it should be.


Next Steps ...

Appraisal Meeting:
Buyer Inspections:
Agree On A Sale:

All done for you … the easy way!

Our Sale Price Guarantee

We promise to get the highest price for your property.

We are so confident in our ability to negotiate, and prove it, that we guarantee the highest possible sale price …

or … the seller can choose how much we get paid.

“As an independent sellers agent I only have one simple job, to get the highest price for the my clients.” – Jim Hart.


“It’s unwise to pay too much … but it’s worse to pay too little … you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do.” – John Ruskin, polymath of the 1800’s

Agents on the Gold Coast are charging between 2.5% – 3.5% + GST, plus Marketing.

***This is not what we charge***

Simply an example for estimation purposes

A customised written quote will be presented at the Listing Meeting, based on the work and skills needed.

Downsize The Easy Way

It’s time for the good life …

Book A 30 Min


Whatever your biggest real estate challenge is, I’ll help you solve it.


No. Selling is always your choice … and negotiations work best when you’re ready but not in a hurry

No, not from us. Consider solicitors, removalists and possibly stamp duty when you buy again.

Then don’t sell. We recommend looking at the whole picture though. Sometimes the terms & timing count just as much as the sale price. Other times if we can find you a good buy on the other end then the changeover price is just as good or better.

We can help. Whether it be a rental or place to buy we have the resources to find you what you need.


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