Do you fear change?

The egg on face report

Do you fear change?

Are you a landlord that fears change? Do you fear changing property management on the gold coast?

Do you believe you must wait until the end of the lease before you can change property managers, or if the property is managed by an on site manager that you have no other option?

Do you feel you are being overcharged  by your current managers, even if they are doing a fairly good job?

Let me help you to no longer fear change and show you how easy it can be to change over to Harts property management, where you will no longer pay any hidden fees and costs and feel that you are well looked after.

Everyone fears change. Whether it be changing careers, moving house or in this case changing property managers!

An extract from Psychology Today :

“We fear change because we can’t anticipate the outcome.

However, staying put can be riskier than changing. Whether it’s in your career or a relationship, you risk being left behind if you don’t continue to grow.

The paradox is that although we reject uncertainty, we have the skills to change and evolve. Fear is an emotion that gets in the way—we lose clarity about our potential.

On one hand, we are hardwired to resist uncertainty—our brain prefers a predictable, negative outcome over an uncertain one. On the other hand, our mind is flexible and adaptive—it can be trained to thrive in change.

Our fear of change is based on stories—both real and the imagined ones we tell ourselves. We narrate our lives as if they are out of our control—we feel as we are playing a part someone else wrote for us””

Now that we understand why we fear change, let me explain how I can eliminate this fear.

We remove the risk and uncertainty of changing over your management to us.

We make it very easy to change and take care of the whole process for you, apart from signing a form, you don’t have to do anything!

There is no risk whatsoever to you. We indemnify you from any exit fees charged by your current managers up to $500.

We will also indemnify you from any loss of rent, up to $1000, if your tenant should choose to break lease due to change of management ( although this almost never happens as tenants are usually happy with our taking over of the management)

Therefore, you dont have to wait until the end of a lease, you can change now, today!! What are you waiting for?

If you are in the same position as many other landlords who just received their financial year end statements from your current managers and nearly fell off your chair when you noticed the amount of fees you have paid for the last financial year, then it is time to change! If you have received exceptional service and you feel that the fees justifies that level of service, then there is no immediate reason to change.

On the other hand, if the service has been ordinary, or less then, then you have every reason to change, with no risk to you whatsoever.

We are so confident that you will love our exceptional service that we offer you a 90 day money back guarantee….. ongoing Forever!! Who does that ?? We do!!!

If we miss a quarterly inspection…..90 days free management fees! 

If we dont report a maintenance issue….90 days free management fees!

If we miss a deadline to breach a tenant….90 days free management fees!

Get more than what you pay for ….You deserve it!

If you have any questions or would like to discuss in more detail, please feel free to contact me via email or phone.

How much is your home worth today?


I’ve had some buyers tell me …”Yeah I know, the market has gone up a hundred grand.” Others say it’s up at least 10%. One thing is for sure, the lagging indicators of sale prices that find their way to the surface two or three months after settlement are not reflecting the current hype in the market. The official national figure for 2021 year-on-year dwellings growth is 5.9%.


Over the long-term real estate always seems to go up in value. So why sell now? Maybe you shouldn’t. Maybe holding on to solid assets that are rising in value is a good plan.

One of the benefits of an improved market is that it takes up the slack from previous problems. There were a lot of people that bought properties at the very peak of the market just before the GFC hit. Many of them were still sitting on assets two years ago that were worth less than they paid eleven years earlier.

Maybe this boom will allow them the liquidity to sell and move on.

Another old maxim is, “Buy in the gloom, sell in the boom”

Where are you in the financial cycle of your life? Are you feeling young and still accumulating all you can get your hands on, or is it time to take the win and set up for some golden years?


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