Capture A Buyers Heart … At These 2 Areas

Have you ever said, “lets drive by first.”

I mean, you’re ready to buy, keen to find the right home and your partner is scrolling and swiping through reems of properties, then stops, leans over to show you the amazing discovery of what they hope is the ideal dream home, and…


Looking at it, you’re just not convinced. Not enough to go through the hassle of arranging an inspection.


What is that?


Buying a home is tough because it’s an emotional decision. Yes, there’s plenty of boxes to tick along the way … is it in the right area? Is it near enough to the kids school? Is it in our price range… the list could be endless especially once you get into the details, but if nothing else … It has to feel right!


No one buys a home they’re not going to feel comfortable living in.


So why do we insist on ruling it in or out based on driving past?!!


The answer is within a collection of memories, conscious and subconscious. We want it to look right first… the way we imagined it. This is incredibly common in human decision making.


Why do you think the billion dollar dating industry make apps that lead with pretty pictures? They know human psychology, that’s why.


Not everyone operates this way, but the majority do.


We go ‘looking’ for what we want.


So, what is it we’re looking for? Well, I can tell you without fail that the two first areas where people make their emotional connection with the property is;


1.     From the street view

2.     As they walk in the front door


Yes, if you get the street appeal right along with what the buyer sees as they cross the threshold  … they’re either in or out.


If they’re in, they’ll begin the process of justifying with logic why it will work. Or they’re out they begin finding polite reasons to that it’s not for them.


If you’re selling your property, use this inside information to improve your salability. Focus on making the street appeal as good as it possibly can be. Trim the trees, edge the lawn, whatever it takes.



Make the entrance welcoming! Make sure it matches the theme of your property. Declutter it, open it up and make it sparkle. This is you home time to shine!

How much is your home worth today?