Buy Slow, Sell Fast

Have you heard the old adage about the question being the answer?

The fact that you asked the question, “should we sell?” actually means, YES you should sell.

People that are definite on keeping a property have no doubt – the question never arises.

The money is made when you buy, and so the best time to buy is when you can afford it and have done research on what to buy.

For that reason buying is slow.

We can be happy if we’re all in, and we can be happy if we’re all out. But the moment fear, uncertainty and doubt creep in, happiness becomes a distant memory.

For that reason selling must be a fast decision.

  • It applies to hiring.
  • It applies to relationships
  • and It applies to investments

It’s a universal principle you can rely on.

The time to sell is the instant that fear, uncertainty or doubt arises.

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