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Most agents will tell you they have databases with buyers ready and waiting to purchase. I’ve even had a client tell me that one high profile agent told her that they had a database of thirty thousand buyers!

databases with buyers ready and waiting to purchase

databases with buyers ready and waiting to purchase Most agents will tell you they have databases with buyers ready and waiting to purchase. I’ve even had a client tell me that one high profile agent told her that they had a database of thirty thousand buyers! Unfathomable as this sounds, it’s actually not the quantity

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Cheesecake-Lady sold her property safely after choosing harts property

Meet The Cheesecake Lady

Meet the Cheesecake Lady Meet the Cheesecake Lady. A beautiful lady in her eighties named Evelyn. She wanted to move from her two-storey home to a smaller, single level home. The agent she chose to sell her home signed her up on a water-tight exclusive listing contract then he disappeared, going away on a cruise

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Real estate or property investment. Home mortgage loan rate. Saving money for retirement concept. Coin stack on international banknotes with house model on table. Business growth background

What is the best way to invest in real estate?

The best way to invest What Is the Best Way to Invest in Real Estate? Keywords to optimize the article for: invest in real estate What if you could turn $25,000 into $600,000 or even $2 million? This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. Instead, it’s a logical and calculated approach to investing in real estate.

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Glen Davidson reviews harts property on the gold coast

Glen’s Review

Glen’s Review I had previous dealings with an agent. I wasn’t happy with biggest thing was poor communication. Not following through requests, not contacting us, us when there are any issues. So yeah, a lot of, uh, we felt like we need more work than they agent was. So I contacted Hart’s after recommendation, we

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Denise Kelly reviews harts property

Denise’s Review

Denise’s Review Oh, okay. So when we first met Jim, I think that’s about six years ago, we were looking in the rental market and we saw a house. And when we saw him, I like the relaxed attitude with him. Yeah. I liked the fact that he wasn’t pushy. He was working obviously for

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Theresa’s Review

Theresa’s Review I’d like to recommend Jim Hart for his real estate services. My husband and I were looking for a home not just a house. When we met Jim, he listened to what was important to us, he was reliable and his follow up communication was great. He found the house we loved and

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Property management

Whats Happening with your investment property???

Are you wondering what’s happening with your investment property?   Are you frustrated because you are not getting answers, or worse, don’t know who to ask, as the company you are with has a very high staff turnover rate and you speak to a different person each time you call?   Is the rent is

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Angilique Swartz discussing how deal with the fear of change

Do you fear change?

Do you believe you must wait until the end of the lease before you can change property managers, or if the property is managed by an on site manager that you have no other option?

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Angilique speaking about how to hold tenants to high standards

Holding Tenants To High Standards

Holding Tenants to high standards Not a major disaster, but even with like Eric’s properties for instance, where I had a vacate the other day of the tenants that I put in there and even though Eric managed that, I didn’t manage it. I sort of set the same sort of expectations with it at

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Caitlin Powell reviews harts Property Management

Caitlins Review

Caitlins Review My Name’s Caitlin. I came to harts real estate because I was looking for a tenant for my house. I’d done everything myself and spent so much time and money in all different websites. I couldn’t find the right person. So I came across hart’s real estate and I noticed that they are

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Bill’s Review

“Harts … has been The most helpful . . .” Well, I’ve dealt with many property managers over the years and without doubt Harts Realty has been the most helpful, and created the least problems. Um, I think the communication is fantastic. Uh, basically we receive all the information we need without having to ask

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