Before We Begin

Before We Begin

What every seller needs to know

Two groups – Unethical Real Estate Agents
                  – Unethical Buyers

Please don’t tell these people anything. Never divulge your ‘secrets’ to anyone! Stay safe and repeat, “my agent will be able to help you.”

Sometimes things go wrong. Appointments cancel last minute, keys get lost, alarms go off. It’s rare. In fact, I think we’ve only lost one set of keys since 2001, but it is possible. Rest assured that if we muck up, we will fix it up and be grateful for your patience and forgiveness.

Before each inspection, we try and call and let you know we are coming. Sometimes, when we call, you may be out the back and not hear the phone or you may arrive home between when we called you and when we bring the buyers over. We will do our best to respect your privacy and give as much notice as possible, but if we miss each other when we call, would you please understand?

Each morning you clean the house in case a buyer comes through. If none do, you are disappointed, and this may create some stress. This is natural. It may help if you stop looking at this property as your home from now on. You are on your way to your new home now…Try to detach from the old one and you won’t feel as stressed.

Everyone has an opinion on Real Estate, and they may mean well. These self-appointed experts are easy to distinguish. They don’t work in real estate, but they know all about it. These people can keep you from moving into your new home if you let them.

While I am looking for a buyer for you there might be sometimes when we don’t see each other for a while. When you do see me, it might be that I am suggesting we alter our marketing position, change our presentation or lower our asking price. Remember I’m on your side and please don’t kill the messenger. We are working together towards a common goal and if you feel comfortable trusting my advice, we will get there as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

I will try and call you every week. I seldom ever forget, but I do get busy. If after seven days I haven’t called, would you please call me on the eighth day? That way we’ll both be responsible for seeing we get regular feedback.

There is an old adage that says, “Never take the first offer”. While that’s often good advice, in real estate, the first buyer with an offer is almost always the best. We may need a second offer from them, but don’t miss an opportunity just because you have plenty of time.

An asking price is a marketing tool. You’ll know if it’s the right price because you’ll be getting consistent enquiry, inspections and offers. If that’s not happening then it’s either presentation, marketing or price to blame. Keep it fresh and find out what price buyers are willing to buy it for.

Buyers won’t want to talk if they feel ‘shadowed’. If the buyers think the owners are within ear shot, they won’t tell me what they really think about the property. It’s best not to be home during inspections at all, but if you prefer to stay, choose the worst room and remain there so the buyer can spend more time in the best parts of the home.

1. No inspections and no offers – Usually a major price or marketing mistake.

2. Plenty of inspections but no offers – Marketing is good, price needs adjustment.

3. Plenty of inspections and offers – With lots of patience the right buyer will come.

Houses can’t think. They don’t care how much you ‘need’. All you can reasonably expect is the highest price, right? Please remember that the highest price might not necessarily be the price you ‘need’, but it might still work to get you to the next place and a better life.

Sometimes all we need is patience until the one right buyer comes along.

My job is to get you the highest price, and if it is more than your price, I’ve done my job. If the highest price is lower than your price, I’ve still done my job. You can’t expect more than the best price, can you?

Sales is often a lonely job, full of rejection. We give it all we’ve got day after day and we will continue to back you for as long as it takes. Unlike many typical agents we will never come asking for more advertising money. All we ask in return is your loyalty.

The thank you notes, testimonials, gifts and well wishes are what make this the best career on the planet. Our aim is to have you so delighted that you want to tell everyone.

It’s a great way to stay informed.


I now work for you. You are my boss. I’ll be talking with you often, and some of what I’ll be talking with you about will be adjusting presentation, marketing, the asking price and acceptance of offers.

I will make recommendations to you. This is my job. But you are my boss – You are the umpire – What you say goes. But since I work for you, I will ask for your support. If I ask you to change presentation or reduce the price, I hope you will follow my advice.

If I do the right thing by you and provided you feel as though you can trust me, I’m sure you will follow my suggestions.

Wondering how to best present your property?