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Harts began in 2012 as a team of one who, rather than act as a solo operator, decided to incorporate and begin a journey of business growth.

Early on, while working in conjunction with one of the world’s largest real estate franchise groups, the team grew to four people. As our corporate identity began to form and shape itself differently from that of our franchise partners, we realised it was time to grow independently.

2014 saw us rebrand independently as Harts Real Estate. Settling into our new skin we grew in fits and spurts to a team of fourteen by 2018 … but not all growth is good growth.

Those times were fuelled by dissatisfaction, ego and frustration.

In life our learnings come easiest as we let go of the old ways. For this to take place we must first gain an awareness of what it is we need, that we don’t yet know about. This type of growth can be the very best type, even though it’s the most challenging.

One of the many things that became clear over the next couple years was our definition of independence.


Before we can be truly independent, we must be able to trust ourselves. There were a lot of mistakes made in the early days, we learned from all of them and moving forward, we continue to learn, and trust ourselves to make adjustments and redirect toward a more sustainable and prosperous future.

Being an agency that people can trust means that we are doing it our way, and no-one else’s. We’re not doing what some corporate bureaucrat from global HQ wrote in the policy manual. We are following our heart. What we say, is what we believe, and that is what we do.


In 2020 we launched a new brand for a new decade. Harts Property – Local. Experienced. Trusted. We see it as a step forward, up and toward industry leading improvements for both the sales and property management teams and our clients.


The truth of property sales is that one highly skilled and well supported salesperson is almost all that a home seller needs. And the truth of an agency is that it has one role. To support the people that serve our customers.

National corporate banners               … unhelpful

Franchise restrictions                         … unhelpful

Untrained teams                                … unhelpful

Low paid salespeople                         … unhelpful

Low paid property managers               … unhelpful

The value of an agency to its team is different at each level. Since legislation changes in Queensland took place on 2nd April 2018 there has been a serious contraction in people joining real estate as a new career and an increase in competition between rival agencies for retaining the best salespeople.

We view this as a new opportunity within the industry to be a leader in training and onboarding new salespeople. To embrace this new opportunity, we have created Property School. A comprehensive event-based platform where graduates become educated, trained and coached toward successful careers as professional agents.

Instead of stopping there we encourage and fuel the growth of these graduates toward successful careers as independent agents. From there we teach those with desire how to increase their results, through team leveraging, as a licensed agent.


    Sales Level                                                              Value                                                                                                                     

Professional Agent                                Education, training, coaching                            
Independent Agent                               Tools, support & freedom                                   
Licensed Agent                                    Transformation, Leveraging & Management

Creating career models that are viable for every level and desire of real estate salesperson is something that is new to the industry. We look forward to helping and coaching the next generation of salespeople

Property Management

Our business model here is, to our knowledge, an industry first. Our managers are treated like family and rewarded like business partners.

We engender what we call a Partnership Mindset by rewarding both short term and long-term business growth. In essence when our property managers look after landlords really well, they earn more money.

They are highly trained in;

Management                          Tenancy                                  Communication

We believe in accountability and personal responsibility which means one landlord, one manager. No more, ‘he said/she said’ or “that was supposed to be done by…” just clear answers when you want them.

Our managers get to set their own limit on the number properties they want to manage so they can still keep high service levels. Happy manager means happy clients.

There must always be two parts to any genuine guarantee;

1. The Promise.
2. The Penalty.

Sale Price Promise

We promise to get the highest price for your property.

And If certainty is needed on the day, we will prove the buyer has paid the highest price.

If not, the seller can choose how much we get paid

Our Fees Promise

We promise a sale price so good it makes our fees look cheap.

If not, our fee remains 100% negotiable till sold.

Our Cancel Any Time Promise

Typical listing agreements require you to ‘Lock-In’ to the agent for 90 days.
We are so confident in our service that we have added a “Cancel Any Time” clause.

We promise quick, courteous service remaining loyal to the seller at all times.

If you’re not happy and we can’t fix it, you can cancel anytime.

There must always be two parts to any genuine guarantee;

1. The Promise.
2. The Penalty.

Our Promises

We Will Inspect Your Property Every 90 Days
providing a detailed report clearly highlighting the important issues so you know exactly what’s going on.

We Will Report Every Known Maintenance Issue
with an estimated cost and the opportunity to repair now, next month or add it to a suggested items list.

We Will Hold Tenants Accountable To Their Agreements
including rent paid on time, maintenance and timelines.

Our Penalty

If Not, You Get 90 Days Free Management.


Who We Are

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4.9 46 reviews

  • Avatar Maria M ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    We have been with HARTS Property for almost a year now and could not be happier. Angilique has been amazing in keeping both tenant and landlord happy. Very professional, would highly recommend.

4.9 46 reviews

  • Avatar Melissa Leung ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    I have two rental properties with them for years.
    They provide reliable, responsive, quality and personal service to me which I found some of the large property management company missing.
    More important to me is they service customers
    … More with hearts not selling fancy marketing and technology services. I highly recommend Angilique to someone that I know.

4.9 46 reviews

  • Avatar Robyn Strahley-Wright ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    Angilique is the most amazing property manager ever! She is proactive and we never have to wonder how our investment is going. She notices any maintenance issues before they are a problem and lets us know. She does the hard work getting … More quotes and giving us advice and options She is outstanding!! We have never had to worry for one second that we weren't being kept informed and we know that our investment property is in the best of hands.
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